Amazing color photos of a soldiers life in Finland during WW2 (1939-44)

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The fire of Poventsa and urban warfare. Poventsa. July 2, 1941.

Road signage at the crossroads of the western shore of Kotikoski. Alakurtti (Salla). September 26, 1941.

From the German navy parade (Einsatzstab Fähre Ost) from Lahdenpohja. Lahdenpohja, Laatokka. August 13, 1942.

Propaganda posters in Vyborg. September 30, 1941.

The fire of Poventsa. July 2, 1942.

Captain Karhunen, recipient of the Mannerheim Cross. Karhunen has downed 31 enemy aircraft. Suulajärvi. August 26, 1943.

In picture: Olavi Paavolainen. August, 1942.

43rd light anti-aircraft divison. Gun (Bofors) in position near the township of Nokia. April 25, 1944.

”Showering” after sauna in the waves of Kellokoski. Petsamo, Luttojoki. July 12, 1942.

Er.Os.P:n tarvikkeiden lastauspaikka Kallokosken alla. Sotilaita tauolla.

Events during a commemorative day for war heroes in Joensuu. War hero funeral. May 19, 1940.

The men of the Häme Cavalry Regiment(HRR) on horseback and skiing. Velikaja Niva. March 15, 1942.

Second Lieutenant smoking his pipe. April, 1942.

Soldier resting. July, 1942.

Sortavala seminary entertainment. Syväri, power plant sector in May 1943.

In picture: Olavi Paavolainen. August, 1942.

Soldiers in a firing shelter. 1941.

Curtiss-Hawk (CU-580) aircraft over Lotinapelto. Photographed from a FK aircraft, Air Force Regiment 1. October 16, 1943.

76.2 mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun firing. Helsinki, Taivaskallio. October 23, 1942.

650 – Hiihto-osasto matkalla.
Ski patrol on the move. Petsamo, Kukkesjaur. April 14, 1942.
Soldiers approaching new positions.

Caught fish.

SB-2 bomber on air field, engines running.

Weather observations, pilot ball.*

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