In 1998, This Soviet Mining Town Was Totally Abandoned (19 Pics)

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Throughout history, entire cities and regions have been abandoned, often within short periods of time.

Today, these ghostly cities and towns are left standing — most with their artifacts, properties, and amazing treasures still perfectly intact.

In the past, we’ve seen haunting photos of the abandoned Alaskan city of King Island, where hundreds of people mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

Earlier this year, eight Russians and two tour guides were sent to look after buildings in yet another one of the world’s abandoned regions: Pyramiden, a Russian community located on a Norwegian archipelago.

The icy mining town was abandoned in 1998, but many of its structures have remained. There is still a hotel, a fully equipped gymnasium, a school, and many playgrounds.

Today, the Russian government is hoping to attract more visitors to the empty town. Swedish photographer Christian ├ůslund decided to tour the area a year ago, and effectively captured standstill scenes of the Soviet Union’s heyday.

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