Fox Hosts Dana Perino and Kimberly Guilfoyle: Apple Resisting the FBI Is Basically ‘A Victory for ISIS’

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Apple refused the FBI’s order to unlock an iPhone that belonged to one of the San Bernardino killers because of the implications down the road. As Apple CEO Tim Cook argued, if the government can demand Apple unlock the phones of terrorists, it could start a precedent of the government demanding the same of non-terrorists’ phones.
On Fox News’ The Five today, Dana Perino and Kimberly Guilfoyleexpressed their outrage at Apple’s actions, even invoking the families of the San Bernardino victims.
Perino asked, “Don’t the victims’ families of the San Bernardino attack deserve a little bit more?”
Guilfoyle brought up how they were “heinously murdered by these vicious terrorists,” and said of Apple, “This is like a victory for ISIS. What team are you playing on?”
She said they should be able to get the information the government needs, while some of her co-hosts were concerned about the implications.

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