National Nurse Union Says UN Election Observers Needed After Clinton Camp's Tricks in Nevada

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The U.S.'s largest nurses union has accused Hillary Clinton campaigners of deceiving Democratic voters in Nevada at Saturday's caucuses by wearing red t-shirts that people typically identify with their union. Now the union is suggesting that Senator Bernie Sanders, who it endorsed for president, request U.N. election observers.
Raw Story broke the story after National Nurses United Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro tweeted a series of pictures showing Clinton volunteers receiving the red t-shirts normally associated with the union, which is the largest registered nurses union in the United States with more than 180,000 members.
Union spokesperson Chuck Idelson told Raw Story that the red tees were not a first for Clinton supporters and that when nurses attending the caucuses pointed out the Clinton people to the press, they immediately changed back into Clinton campaign blue tees.
Clinton defeated Sanders in the Nevada caucuses with 52 percent of the vote compared to Sanders’ 48 percent, winning 19 delgates compared to Sanders' 15. The two candidates will face off next in South Carolina on Saturday.

The nurses union announced their support for Sanders in August after saying that the Vermont Senator's platform  was "perfectly aligned” with their political views on what they said are “the most critical problems facing the U.S.” 

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