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This is what this dad started out with. It is the shell of an old Volkswagen Beetle. As you can see, other parts will need to be purchased and fabricated to the existing shell.

Here we have a hood that has been cut in 5 sections. That simply won’t do.

After a little welding it’s back together again.

This is actually only the front half of the vehicle, there is another section that will be welded on to make the car even bigger.

This clearly has some skill is car fabricating, so I can see why a DIY project like this one for his kid would be a perfect fit.

Here is the front and back half of the cars that will be put together. Take a look at the size difference between this one and an original bug.

The process of merging the back and front pieces of the car has begun.

This thing is like a Frankenstein car. He took a bug and shrunk every single panel to make a kid sized VW.

This thing is looking more and more like a car with each passing picture.

Even the little man is getting in some wrench time on his own ride!

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