Awesome DIY Shark Tooth Night Stand

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This thing is from the 40’s, and you can definitely see it’s had better days.
The first step was to get all that old finish off. He used an electric sander as well as sand paper to get the job done.

It looks better without the finish in my opinion.

This thing seriously looks like a newly made night stand. All just after a little sanding and elbow grease.

Getting the perfect stain was critical, he chose to keep a darker color like the original.

He went online and purchased some shark teeth…and for some reason a single pig’s tooth.

Now the artistic part begins! He first laid out the design he wanted to create using the sharks teeth. As you can see he had a template already made. Cute dog too.

He wanted everything on this table to be perfect, so he meticulously measured the distance between each tooth before he super glued them to the table top.

This is after everything was glued down. Looks pretty nice right?

To protect the teeth on the table and provide a smooth surface he applied epoxy to over the whole top.

The epoxy created so many bubbles that he was forced to use a blowtorch to get rid of them all.

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