The Miserable Mansions of Montserrat

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We’re following up on a previous adventure today. Do you remember visiting the AIR recording studios the other week; one of the most prolific studios in music history which is now rotting away on a Caribbean island? Urban explorer Shane Thoms took us along on his journey with him to Monserrat in the West Indies, where in the mid 1990s, the resident volcano woke up and wiped out more than half the island, even burying the capital city and turning it into a modern Caribbean Pompeii. That half of the island is known as the “exclusion zone”, where you’re definitely not supposed to go. Luckily, our man Shane went ahead so we don’t have to worry about things like pyroclastic flows travelling at 700 km/ hour towards us.
So the last time we joined Shane he was at the abandoned site of AIR studios, which sits right on the border of the exclusion zone and the (semi) safe zone, but he also managed to get beyond that border to photograph the buried landscape in the shadows of a highly unpredictable volcano. In Plymouth, the island’s former capital city which was blanketed in more than 12 meters in mud, he was warned to stay on the left side of what is currently a very dangerous pyroclastic flow area (fast-moving currents of hot gas and rock) and to generally be careful not to wander into the direct path of the volcano.

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