Undergound ISIS Tunnels

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This is an entrance to one of the tunnels discovered by Kurdish forces.
The tunnels were used by ISIS to move freely about the city of Sinjar during airstrikes by different countries trying to push back the insurgent group.

The tunnels were also used as an arms and explosives storage area.

Some of the tunnels stretched hundreds of meters, with some being 30 feet below the ground!

In this picture, a member of Peshmerga, the name for a group of Kurdish fighters looks through what was left behind in the tunnels and finds some bomb making materials.

Two main tunnels hundreds of meters long originate in two houses.

Tunnels are an effective way to stay out of your enemies cross hairs, and also provide a place for storage and rest.

The United States dealt with tunnel systems in Vietnam. People called “Tunnel Rats” would enter the tunnels with nothing but a flash light and a .45 Colt to clear out as much as they could. If you made it back from one of these missions, you were considered a very, very bad man.

The entrances to these tunnels don’t looks very secure however.

Cave-ins would be a very big concern for the terrorists using these tunnels. It comes down to a choice, do you want to get turned into pink mist by a bomb dropping on you, or be trapped underground from a tunnel caving in?

There were over 40 different sets of tunnels discovered by Peshmerga.

The tunnel system stretched under the entire city of Sinjar.

Entrances like this one can be found all throughout the city. Patrolling the city and seeing fighters emerge from the ground would be incredibly surprising.

It’s clear that fighters were spending a good amount of time down here as evidenced by the food and drink refuse left over.

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