Parisian Metro workers unveiled a time capsule of mid-century poster design behind the walls of a subway station

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Ad posters at subway stations is something every commuter face every day; so while waiting or disembarking from trains we see all kinds of new, glitzy commercials promoting everything new and in fashion.

Recently the Parisian commuters at the Trinité – d’Estienne d’Orves  station on Line 12 of the Paris Métro in the commercial center of Paris and the 9th arrondissement , instead of the regular modern commercial “distraction”  were faced with crumbled, outdated remains of what their “predecessors” were seeing every day.Parisian metro workers during the recent renovation of the subway station unveiled  1950’s Paris, as they discovered old advertising posters hiding beneath the modern materials.
Apparently, in  yesteryear when the subway station needed a revamp, instead of ripping off the old materials,they simply covered them with new, modern posters, so for all these years the mid- twentieth century posters were concealed by new materials. Nevertheless, now RATP, has announced that these advertising ephemera will be be identified, restored and placed in historic and heritage collections.

For a brief moment, the passengers at the subway station were given the chance to time travel to the 1950’s, as they were surrounded by vintage household advertisements, vintage maps of the city, concert promotions and public transport schedules, dated June 20th,1959. The crumbling posters even revealed a record of criminal activities that took place within the station.

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