94-year-old Pearl Harbor veteran has life savings stolen by thieves.

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Thieves stole the life savings of a Navy veteran, who survived Pearl Harbor and flew missions over both fronts during World War II.
"I've seen devastation I'll never forget," Jack Holder said of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, which he witnessed when he was 18.
Holder is now 94, and completely healthy.
He flew in the Battle of Midway, and later over the English Channel in a B-24.
Following a career in the Navy, Holder lived and worked all over the world in industries ranging from oil to the airlines to professional golf.
After all of his worldly experience, Holder cannot believe he fell victim to a common scam. 
Someone claiming to be from the Publisher's Clearing House called his home in Chandler and told him he'd won $4.7 million, and a new Mercedes Benz.
"I'd entered their drawings years ago, and they said they keep the entries for many years," Holder said.
The scammers told Holder he had to pay taxes before he was given his prizes.
He and his fiancée, Ruth Calabro, wrote several checks, totaling $43,000.
When the thieves asked for another installment of $100 bills tucked into the pages of a magazine, they knew they'd been scammed.
"I'm completely devastated. I can't believe how stupid I was," Holder said.
"They took all I had," Calabro said. "Now I don't have anything."
The FBI is investigating, but Holder doubts he'll get his money back.
In the meantime, Holder is going back to work. He enrolled in real estate school and hopes to make the money he lost back.

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