Australians raise over $35 000 for struggling truck driver who called out a politician over tax cuts for the rich

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Sweet, beautiful Australia has come through with the goods today. If you’ve been living under a rock, or perhaps pinned under an especially large, over-priced toaster, Monday’s Q&A gave birth to the next true Australian legend. During the episode, part-time truckie Duncan Storrar piped up and asked Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer why the Government was planning on lifting the tax bracket for high earners while low earners like Duncan don’t cop a break.
In a moment that Kelly O’Dwyer will forever regret (and likely Malcolm Turnbull too), she enthusiastically spruiked how the tax cut would help small businesses by giving an example of a cafe that can now afford a $6000 toaster.
Questions echoed around Australia. Could a toaster possibly cost that much? What would a piece of toast of such quality taste like? Could it be the toaster that finally ensures consistent browning across the entirety of a piece of sourdough?  
Spurred by the sheer ridiculousness of the statement, a GoFundMe campaign was set up to raise enough money for Duncan to buy one of these mysterious $6000 toasters.

Australia comes through with the goods (& the toast)

Except Australia went slightly further. The GoFundMe Campaign has since gone viral and raised over $35 000 for Duncan’s toaster.

How much toast are we talking?

With all these juicy dollars in his pocket, Duncan can now afford to make over 6 000 000 pieces of toast a day. Puts Jesus to shame a little doesn’t it? The ole’ Son of God could only manage to feed 5000 people with five loaves of bread and a couple of fish. Duncan, on the other hand, asked a single question on Q&A and could now dish out a piece of toast to the entire population of Paraguay every day. 
More specifically, if Duncan went to Kmart and purchased as many $7.50 toasters as he could buy with $35 000, he’d end up with a total of 4 666 toasters. If he continually toasted bread all day with each toaster, he could toast a total of 6 720 000 pieces of the good stuff.
Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.29.06 PM
Only $7.50 and has a removable crumb tray what a time to be alive
Alas, as we write, the money keeps rolling in for Duncan. We’ve created a calculator so you can work out how much toast Duncan can make per day as the donations rise:

[Insert GoFundMe amount here] / $7.50 (toaster price) X 1440 (amount of bread he can toast a day) = total amount of toast Duncan can roast per day

Of course, this isn’t really about toast at all. It’s about the disparity between the rich and poor in Australia, and the public coming together to crowdfund one individual in the hopes that many small, kind gestures can add up to improve their quality of life. It makes a powerful point and sends a strong message to current politicians to not ignore those who are struggling in this country.

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