The funeral for Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV who was killed during an attack by ISIS fighters in Iraq

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When a team of less than a dozen U.S. military advisers came under attack in Iraq Tuesday from more than 100 ISIS fighters, Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV was part of the force sent in to rescue them.

All the advisers made it back. Keating, a decorated combat veteran and star athlete who decided to enlist after the 9/11 attacks, did not.
Providing new details Wednesday about the operation that took the life of the grandson of prominent financier and World War II pilot Charles Keating Jr., Coalition spokesman Col. Steve Warren said that the clash between ISIS and the Kurdish Peshmerga forces the advisers were assisting was "a big fight, one of the largest we've seen recently."
Keating's death is the third American combat loss since the U.S. redeployed forces to Iraq in the summer of 2014 to advise local forces and conduct Special Operations missions against ISIS. The 31-year-old Special Warfare Operator 1st Class was on his third tour in Iraq.

ISIS was attempting to capture the Iraqi town of Telskof from the Kurdish forces -- about 3 miles from ISIS' frontline -- unaware that U.S. troops were in the area, according to Warren. ISIS managed to assemble about 125 fighters and 20 vehicles for the assault, destroying a Peshmerga checkpoint as they crossed the frontline and engaged Kurdish troops for more than 12 hours.
"The enemy was able to very covertly assemble enough force, which included the several truck bombs, some bulldozers, and of course their infantry. And they were available to punch through the Kurdish line there" and "sprint" towards their objective, Warren said.

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