A Guy Discovered A Blast Shelter In His Backyard (44 pics)

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Imgur user captaintarctica found plans of his 1960's house. The plans indicated that there should be a "Blast Shelter" somewhere there. So, after some digging he found it.

The original plans submitted to the city in 1961 for the original construction of the "blast shelter"
"I hired a metal detectorist to scan the yard. He found 2 likely spots marked with the X"

"About an hour of digging and hit this metal at about 2 feet below grade. I then worked my way around the large circle of metal..."

"Here is the first look inside the exhumed shelter... Saw a rusty spiral staircase with lots of dirt"

"I tied the lid back to my carport. But, still did not feel safe to go in yet since I was home alone and was sure that there was no cellular service down there to call for help. Would wait till the next day so I could get some air monitors from a friend of mine."

"The stairs and the counter weight for the lid"

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