Most Googled Question About Hillary: Is She Going to Jail?

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Google users want to know one thing about Hillary Clinton, if the top-trending question being asked is any indication: Is she going to jail? Google posted its weekly trend status on Twitter Friday showing that out of all the questions people could be asking about the former secretary of state, they most want to know if she'll end up behind bars:
People also wanted to know what Clinton's political party is, if she'll win her election, why they shouldn't vote for her, and if Bernie Sanders will support her. The questions seem to show that while she's the presumptive nominee, Google users still have plenty of doubts about her.

Meanwhile, the questions people are asking about presumptive GOP nominee Donald went along different lines:

Google has come under fire from critics who say it hides negative search results about Clinton by putting a positive spin on its autocorrect when people start asking questions, and Twitter users wanted to know what the results meant:

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