One Of Three Dogs Committed A Crime, The Dog Owner Began An Investigation (7 pics)

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A guy who’s living with three dogs woke up to find feathers in the hall way. It seemed suspicious to him so he followed the traces of crime left by one of his dogs. Here’s where they lead him…

"Woke up to find feathers in the hall way. I'm on the case! Possible victim: bird"
"Suspect #1: Fenway. Possible motive: He's a dog. Alibi: He's a good boy."

"More feathers in the kitchen. "

"Suspect #2: Brittany. Known alias: Confession bear lookalike. Possible motive: Also a dog. Alibi: 13 years old."

"Feathers leading into the living room."

"Suspect #3: Jackson. New Victim: Pillow. Motive: He's a little sh*t. Alibi: N/A"

"Mug Shot."

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