Vladimir Putin Says Brexit Caused by British Politicians 'Arrogance'

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Putin spoke at the summit in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent of the bloc known as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).
But Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi, who visited Uzbekistan last month for a lower-level SCO meeting, said Beijing wanted to focus on the ongoing accession of India and Pakistan before moving on.
"The two leaders discussed cooperation in civil nuclear energy, partnership in the gas and petrochemicals sector".
"So we always find a solution", he told Cai.
"The markets will surely lose ground, they have done so already, but in the midterm everything will be restored, surely", Putin predicted.
Xi called on the three countries to build the economic corridor, strengthen cooperation in transportation infrastructure connectivity, port construction, industrial capacity, investment, trade and economy, cultural exchanges and environmental protection in an effort to expedite results, Xinhua said late Thursday.
The Belt, which runs through Central Asia, is a "very well-timed and appealing" vision that "holds great potential", a cheerful Putin commented in the interview, which was conducted on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
In turn, Russian Federation has focused on broadening its protectionist Eurasian Economic Union integration project involving four of its former Soviet allies.
The proposal echoed Putin's announcement at the St. Petersburg forum that talks are to start this month with China on the creation of "a comprehensive trade and economic partnership in Eurasia" with the participation of the EEU and China.
Pakistan and India inched closer on Friday to joining a regional security and economic bloc led by China and Russian Federation, a move seen to boost the importance of the organisation.

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