Guy Builds A Cool Deck For His Above Ground Pool (33 pics)

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Above ground pools don’t look really good but if you add a deck to it, it is an altogether different story… That’s why Imgur user FoxK56 decided to do it himself. Check out the whole process and the final result. It does looks much better this way.

"The start of the project summer 2015. I had removed the grass in the deck area same time I did the pool area, but then it became a dumping ground for removed pool area soil, and months went by before I could start the deck. Tons of weeds moved in. I had to clean it all up first. My little guy helping me"

"Father in law helping dig the holes. I ended up abandoning use of the auger after a few holes. Soil on my property is extremely rocky and it bound up the auger and the holes became like 16" diameter with rocking side to side"

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