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Liberals hammered George W. Bush for his response to Katrina.
Remember when he flew over the flooded areas but didn’t land?
Remember Kanye West’s insane comment?
Well, it seems like liberals have a really short memory because a dozen people have been killed by a devastating flood in Baton Rouge and President Obama is nowhere to be found.
In fact, he was hitting the golf course and vacationing.
Here’s the comparison.
From IJ Review:


1) …Spoke directly to the nation PRIOR to the storm, preemptively declaring a federal state of Emergency in Louisiana at the request of the Governor freeing up assets and money in preparation of the storm.

2) …Coordinated directly with the National Hurricane Center, FEMA, Department of Homeland Security and affected Governors to best prepare for impact and recovery.

3) …Cut his “vacation” short and returned to White House — while still keeping a long standing commitment to thank those who fought for our country on the anniversary of V-J Day in San Diego.

7) …Took responsibility for the response – good and bad, committed to rebuild Louisiana – and did. Passed and signed legislation committing over $52 billion dollars to revitalize the Gulf Coast. Mrs. Laura Bush personally raised millions of dollars to restock and restore the area’s devastated libraries.

Obama, on the other hand…

1) …Played 8 rounds of golf since arriving in Martha’s Vineyard on August 6th.

2) According to the Associated Press: “President Barack Obama did something unusual during his summer vacation on Martha’s Vineyard: He went out on the town four nights in a row.”

3) …Hit the beach – “The presidential motorcade departed at 1:18 PM and arrived shortly after at a private beach off Pohogonot Road in Edgartown.”

You can read the rest of the points at IJ Review but I think you get the picture.
Obviously the Katrina situation was much more devastating.
But I mean come on, you can’t even bother to show up?
President Obama is putting out some horrible optics while President Bush clearly was putting Americans first.
People probably won’t be honest about it, but I think a lot of Americans out there secretly miss President Bush for reasons just like this.
Here is a more visual comparison.
Got it.
Loud and clear.

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