Floating Villages Of ‘Sea Gypsies’ On The Most Remote Islands Of Malaysia (29 pics)

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French photographer Réhahn visited some of the Malaysia’s most remote islands last year. He wanted to take pictures of the Bajau, the "sea gypsies" who live there. Their floating villages consist of small huts on stilts standing in the middle of the ocean. He visited 8 islands overall that are isolated from civilization.

Réhahn's journey to the islands was anything but easy. After a flight to Kuala Lumpur, another three-hour flight to Tawau, and an hour-and-a-half bus ride to Semporna, Réhahn set out to find a local who would take him to the remote islands where the Bajau, or "sea gypsies," live.
Tour agencies would only agree to take Réhahn to resorts, and most fishermen he encountered along the waterfront spoke no English. When he was lucky enough to find someone who did, the price they asked for the trip was high.

After spending a night sleeping on the waterfront — a risky move, as there's a history of tourist kidnappings in the area — Réhahn finally met Karim, a Bajau who agreed to take him to the remote islands he was hoping to visit.

The Bajau traditionally live in small boats, spending their days drifting in the ocean and relying on fishing to make a living, hence their nickname "sea gypsies."

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