Stuff You Can Only Buy At The Gift Shop Of The Microsoft Visitor Center (23 pics )

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Microsoft's main campus is situated in Redmond and it sits on 8 millions square feet (743,224 square meters). There are 80 buildings but all of them but one are closed off to nonemployees. The one that is opened to everybody is the Microsoft Visitor Center where you can find the Microsoft Company Store, and a gift shop that has an exclusive products you can only find there. Check out what you can see in the Visitor Center. There's not much to see on the Microsoft campus for nonemployees, apart from a few basketball courts, soccer fields, and tourist photo opportunities. That's me being a tourist, by the way.
But there's one building you can get inside: the Microsoft Visitor Center. It's guarded by Master Chief and Spartan Locke, the heroes of Microsoft's 'Halo 5: Guardians.' They don't look happy to see me.

The Visitor Center holds a tiny museum dedicated to Microsoft's long history ...

... plus some stations where you can mess around with Microsoft's games and technology. Somehow, every kid in the joint had figured out how to get Minecraft running on all of the demo computers sitting around.

But the best part is probably the Microsoft Company Store, which is the only place to get a lot of exclusive Microsoft-branded merchandise.
That means T-shirts, like this kind of poorly advised NWA tribute ...
... mugs, like this kind of cool Xbox One controller design ...

... and other kinds of apparel and accessories.

Seriously, there's a lot here. Check out these Microsoft-branded sports jerseys for kids and adults.

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