Outrage after judge tells rape victim 'pain and sex go together'

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A Canadian judge who sparked outrage with wildly offensive comments to a teen rape victim in his court is facing a disciplinary hearing, but plans to fight to retain his privileged position.
Justice Robin Camp reportedly berated the 19-year-old victim for not "closing her knees" or putting her "ass in the sink", told her "pain and sex sometimes go together" and referred to her as "the accused" during the trial.
The case has been cited by women's rights campaigners as a prime example of why women fear to report cases of sexual abuse.
The victim says Justice Camp's comments made her "hate herself".
"I felt ill and dizzy and I hoped I would faint just so he would stop. I was so confused during the trial," she says.
"I'm so disappointed and sad about the system. My biggest worry is the victims who will never come forward because of what they read in the newspaper about Justice Camp's words."
Justice Camp has been suspended and plans to defend himself at an upcoming hearing.
In a formal document to the court, he "agrees that these comments were insensitive and inappropriate", but "believes he can make a positive contribution as a member of the Canadian judiciary. He will strive to keep improving and to keep learning".
"He believes his training, counselling and this process as a whole have left him better equipped to judge cases with the empathy, wisdom and sensitivity to social context to which all judges aspire.

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