Troubling Photos That Show How We Are Drastically Changing The Planet (23 pics)

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The Earth is our home and the current state it’s in doesn’t look good. We should take better care of the environment, otherwise all the gifts of nature that gave us our little blue planet will disappear faster than we think.

Electronic waste from around the world is shipped to Accra, Ghana where locals break apart the electronics for minerals or burn them.
Mexico City, Mexico is one of the most populated cities in the Western Hemisphere.

New Dehli, India, where many landfills are quickly reaching their breaking point. The surrounding area is populated by some 25 million people.

Los Angeles, California: famous for having more cars than people.

Kern River Oil Field, California, USA.

Former old-growth forest leveled for reservoir  development, Willamette National Forest, Oregon.

Coal power plant, United Kingdom.

North East Land, Svalbard, Norway, where rising global temperatures are drastically and fundamentally changing the ecology.

The world's largest diamond mine, Russia.

Amazon jungle burns to make room for grazing cattle, Brazil.

Tar sands and open pit mining in an area so vast it can be seen from space. This is in Alberta, Canada.

Tires discarded in Nevada.

Clear-cutting on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Industrial agriculture in Almeria, Spain, stretches for miles.

Tar sands, Alberta, Canada.

A man turns away from the smell of the Yellow River in China.

Bangladesh, where the majority of the world's clothing and goods are manufactured.

Black Friday, Boise, Idaho.

A remote bay in Java, Indonesia, where local residents, without access to waste disposal, discard waste directly into streams and rivers.

Beachy Head England

This is what we have to lose in this world. So beautiful and awesome. Something needs to be done now so we can continue to enjoy views like this.

Shifen Waterfall
and this....

Split Pinnacle Hunan China
and this... unreal

Valley of Ten Peaks
and this... please, keep our world beautiful.

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