15 Fairy Tale Cities That Actually Exists In Real Life

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Every fairy tale is always riddled with definitions of a beautiful kingdom full of fairy tale villages ruled over by a benevolent King or evil Queen. A place where Cinderella and Belle lived quietly, in quaint little cottages hoping that someday their prince would come.

A hamlet where Hansel & Gretel lived peacefully till there wicked stepmother cast them out into the nearby woods. Well we have managed to compile a list of real –life fairytale villages that are not make-believe.

If you are a fan of fairy tales and the magical feelings they evoke, then these 15 stops should be on your bucket list!  If you have a fairy tale city to share, send us your photos-we’d love to see it!

1: Small Town In Provence, France
2: Bibury, Uk
3: Gasadalur, Faroe Islands
4: Rothenburg, Germany
5: Hallstatt, Austria
6: Bagnone, Italy
7: Manarola, Italy
8: Gokayama, Japan
9: Hamnoy, Norway
10: Abandoned Fishing Village In Shengsi, China

11: Renndølsetra, Norway
12: Eguisheim, France
13: Shirakawa, Japan
14: Monemvasia, Greece
15: Mountain Village In China

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