Man impersonating officer busted for attempting to pull over unmarked cruiser

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A man impersonating a police officer was arrested Wednesday in Montgomery County, police report.
Police say a Montgomery County Police detective was driving on the Intercounty Connector near Georgia Avenue when he noticed a Ford Crown Victoria traveling beside him that looked like an unmarked police cruiser. The driver of the Crown Victoria then pulled behind the detective, activated a siren, and abruptly changed lanes - speeding past the detective, according to police. 
The detective conducted a traffic stop and after establishing the driver - John Vincent Angelini, 51, of Baltimore - was not a real police officer, the impersonator was arrested, according to Montgomery County Police.
"On the exterior of the car, the detective observed red and blue grill lights, a push bumper, and multiple antennas. The detective also observed that the interior of the vehicle replicated a police car and contained items that included a center console with radio microphone, emergency lights and switches, a camera affixed to the windshield, siren, Stop Sticks, and flex cuffs," Montgomery County Police stated in a press release.

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