Rare Rolls-Royce Phantom I Of 1929 That Looks Like French Palace Inside Is Put Up For Auction (15 pics)

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This Phantom I was built in 1926 at the request of the American businessman Clarence Gasque. Gasque offered it as a gift for his wife Maude. His wife had passion for French 18th century history and design, so her husband asked that the car’s interior was made in French style.

It took 10 months to build the car. When Rolls-Royce was ready, its total cost was £6,500 ($7,948), of which £4,500 ($5,503) had been spent on the interior. It was a pretty huge sum at that time as you could buy a house for £500 ($611).Today the car is put up for auction which will take place on December 4 and is expected to be sold for £700,000 ($856,065).

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