Woman Spends $25 K To Create A Secret Room In Her House (23 pics)

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Sara Nainzadeh built a hidden room behind a bookcase when renovating her apartment that she bought in 2009. There is even a book-switch that activates the bookshelf door.

Creative Home Engineering offers different kinds of hidden doors. They hide rooms behind staircases and fireplaces. Nainzadeh wanted a bookshelf.

They built it in their own workshop in Arizona. It's custom made to fit her apartment, and was installed by their own team.

Her version cost $25,000. This is what it looks like in action.

"I want to say about 99% of the people I told that I was doing this thought I was insane," Nainzadeh said. "I was like, ‘I don’t care. I’m doing to do it.'"

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