A Huge Lake Three Times The Size Of LA Has Almost Completely Disappeared (5 pics)

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Poyang Lake is the largest freshwater lake in China. This year the lake nearly dried up completely because of the Three Gorges Dam and a severe drought.

Poyang Lake is connected to the Yangtze River and used to span over 1,737 miles. Full of life, it was home to freshwater fish and a large number of shrimp.
Now, the lake is nearly unrecognizable from above.

There have always been fluctuations in the water level of the lake during the dry season, but the drought that the region is currently experiencing is unprecedented.

Earlier this month, the water level of the lake was just 34.8 feet. The majority of the riverbed is exposed and dry.

Fishermen and farmers who rely on the lake for food and work are in crisis.

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