Heartwarming Story Of An Earless Deaf Cat Who Got Adopted And Helps His New Owner More Than She Could Expected (9 pics)

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Meet Otitis, the earless cat who was surrendered after his ears got removed because of cysts

The 9-and-a-half-year-old kittie is deaf and was spending his lonely days at a shelter
Molly Lichtenwalner, who suffers from anxiety, fell in love with the neglected cat
She adopted him and now they are inseparable! Otitis helps her deal with stress and panic attacks

“I told myself that when I was ready for a cat, I would only adopt an adult cat with special needs”

Otitis is so grateful to be rescued, the kittie is giving snuggles to his owner all the time…

“He is some times the only thing that can calm me down”

The feline is very curious and likes to know what his owner is up to all the time

Molly says Otitis is her “emotional support animal” who is always by her side

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