Look At The Transformation Of “The Saddest Cat” After He Was Adopted (13 pics)

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BenBen the cat was spending his time in a shelter waiting to be euthanized. He wasn’t in shape, his spine was crushed, he had cauliflower ear and several deep lacerations. He’s dubbed the “saddest cat” on the internet because of the excess skin on his face. BenBen refused to eat, drink and move.
But just before BenBen’s euthanization a woman who works for an ER vet clinic decided to adopt him. After BenBen arrived at her house he was transformed in just an hour!

The vets said BenBen would never walk again but happily he can and he also can run and jump small distances! Now he’s happy to have his forever home.

“I like to think he knew he was safe and had his forever home at that moment”

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