83 Year Old Tailor Wears Different Suit Every Day And Was Captured By Photographer Zoe Spawton For Three Years

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Being stylish has nothing to do with age. Living proof for this statement is an 86-year-old tailor who is grabbing people’s attention walking the streets of Berlin wearing a different outfit every day with a grace and style. His name is Ali and, as you can see in the gallery, he’s a walking brand of his tailoring business.

The Turkish/German octogenarian got noticed by photographer Zoe Spawton back in 2012 when he kept walking past her workplace every day. She was intrigued by his stylish attitude and will to pull different look every single day. So, Zoe started taking pictures of this interesting octogenarian on a regular basis with his full collaboration as you can see in the photos. She even opened a blog to post pictures of Ali which she called “What Ali Wore”. She kept with this practice for three years. If you visit the blog mentioned you can see the best Ali’s outfits during this period and check some of them in the gallery below.

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