Man Builds An Aquarium In His House Where Not Only Fish Can Swim (12 pics )

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An aquarium enthusiast from Eli Fruchter Israel built an impressively huge reef aquarium in his living room where he can actually scuba dive with tropical fish. It is the largest home reef aquarium in Israel. The tank was designed to imitate the reef’s natural environment and a filtration system creates light waves. Every week adds Fruchter 1,000 liters of fresh seawater for his aquarium to make sure that the reef and fish live in perfect conditions.

Located 6 meters directly under the tank, behind thick metal double-doors, it features four 25,000-liter/hour pumps to return the water from the sump back into the aquarium, after it’s been filtered. For cleaning he relies on gravity, with the water flowing down from the tank to create a foam from the impurities, which is then removed by a revolving paddle. A self-built frequency-controlled system connected to the pumps, controls the speed of the two return pumps to create waves in the tank. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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