A Man & His Bear

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What if your best friend was an 800 pound grizzly bear?Meet naturalist Casey Anderson and his buddy Brutus. From bear-cub to best man at Casey's wedding, these two are inseparable.

Casey holding one-month-old baby Brutus and his sibling.

Casey playing with six-month-old Brutus.
Brutus at six months.

Bear smooch.
Brutus going for a dip.

Casey Anderson

Snack time

Brutus enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.

Casey scopes the open country.


Brutus cracks a smile.
Casey and Brutus share a quiet moment.

Brutus sneaks a smooch.
Brutus' face says it all: "What? Don't act like you've never seen a bear in a jacuzzi."
High five.
Relaxing in the meadow.

Brutus wants a high five.

I am Brutus hear me roar.

Brutus was the best man on the Andersons' special day; not to be confused with the ring bearer.
Luckily, Missi was able to share the love.

The happy trio.

Brutus weighs in at 800 pounds.

Brutus loves his treats.

And high fives.

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