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Katie Richter took some photos and memorabilia from Trump’s inauguration into Suitable For Framing, an Aspen business, to have them mounted and framed.
As she was looking down at the mementos, she asked the clerk for her recommendations. The clerk told Richter that she couldn’t help her. 
When she asked, “Is it because of my political affiliation?” Richter was told yes.
“I was a little befuddled,” Richter Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.”
Richter said that as she left the shop, she gave the clerk a parting shot.
“I respect your freedom of speech but am happy my vote canceled yours out.” 
When the story blew up on social media, the shop attempted to walk back its original reason for turning down Richter’s request, claiming that there was because of a crease in a photo making it unsuitable to frame.
No one was buying it, however, and posted numerous comments on the store’s Facebook page.
“I hope that your narrow-minded attitude towards the Trump voter causes your business to fail.” wrote Kenneth Quinn. “You do have the right o serve who ever you want but the public also has the right to boycott your business.”
It wasn’t that long ago that another Colorado business, Masterpiece Cakeshop, was sued for refusing to cater to a same-sex wedding ceremony. The business lost its case and appealed all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court, which refused to hear the case.

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