J.K. Rowling Called Donald Trump Out, Again, In The Most J.K. Rowling Way

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As any loyal Twitter user knows, J.K. Rowling is no stranger to calling out president-elect Donald Trump's personality, rhetoric, and policies — and using colorful imagery to describe her personal disdain for him (and his team). 
Her Twitter, which is a gold mine of sarcasm, inspiration, philanthropy, and Trump-bashing, provides the Internet with some excellent and hilarious political insight every couple weeks.... And this week was certainly one of them. 

This particular Twitter spurt began when journalist Daniel Dale shared an excerpt of Michael Grove's recent interview with Trump, in which the President-elect was asked about his heroes:

Rowling, in her usual fashion, paraphrased Trump's answer adding a little dry humor. 

"Heroes? Me, because I am innately awesome and you can't learn this, but a bit my dad, who must've been kinda ok, cos he made me." https://twitter.com/ddale8/status/821012282872307712 

Loyal HP fans kept the comparisons coming — and expressed their horror in solidarity. 

@GlowLumia @jk_rowling It's as if an even more damaged version of Gilderoy Lockhart was elected. I thought it couldn't get worse, and yet...

@jk_rowling @bcgray I'd bet even 'He who must not be named' would get the creeps reading anything by 'He who must not be normalised'

But the 'Harry Potter' author wasn't finished for the day. She shared another article about Trump — and his reception in Europe. 

One Twitter user thought he might challenge the master...
@jk_rowling @alexmassie @politico What if you’re neither dreading Trumps presidency or a fascist?

Which is always a bad idea, since she always has a comeback up her sleeve. 

...Now we wait for her inspired tweets upon Trump's inauguration. She won't disappoint.

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