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Cyber-security firm FireEye is warning Netflix subscribers to be vigilant after scammers have been targeting subscribers through email trying to obtain credit card data and other personal information.
According to FireEye, the attack starts with an email – sent by the attackers – that asks the user to update their Netflix membership details. When users click the link, they are redirected to a webpage that mimics a Netflix login page. It looks like this:

After logging into the fake website, users are asked to submit their billing and credit card information.

Netflix recommends that if a user is unsure whether an email they receive is legitimate, they should visit the website by typing www.netflix.com directly into their web browser. Once you log in on the site, you will be notified if you need to take any action such as updating your billing information.
Netflix will also never ask for any personal information in an email. And if you ever do follow a link on an email and are unsure if it's legitimate, check the web address of the site you're on and ensure that the website has a 'Secure' padlock. 

And if you believe that you've already fallen for a scam email and submitted personal details, Netflix recommends changing the password of any accounts that use the same login information, and contacting your credit card company to make sure no suspicious payments get approved. 

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