Obama Sisters Donated Their Iconic White House Swingset To A Local Housing Shelter

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The human being's excitement for parks and swingsets is cyclical. When you're really young, there are fewer things more amazing than getting to a park and seeing all of the awesome things you can jump/swing/fall from.
As you get older and parks become lame and your interests turn elsewhere, they pretty much become a place to sneak off to at night with your friends and have your first kiss/join/run-in with the police.
But when you're older and maybe have kids or nieces or nephews of your own, the park suddenly becomes magical again. Seeing those little boogers' faces light up when they roll up to the park immediately brings you back to your childhood. And it might seem kinda cheesy, but giving joy to others is where real joy lies.

And it looks like the Obama sisters are re-living their childhood but giving away their iconic Great Lawn swingset to a local shelter. 

But now the 18 and 15 year-old Malia and Sasha are handing over their play set to the Jobs Have Priority Naylor Road Program in honor of MLK Day.

Obama had originally offered the swingset as a gift to Donald Trump's son, Barron, but both White House and Trump representatives confirmed that the Donald refused the offer. The set was removed from the great lawn in late December, 2016.

The set's new home will be at a shelter that holds 28 apartments. Most residents are single mothers with multiple children, many who have development disabilities. 

The Obamas aren't the the first presidential family to adorn the White House's lawn with playsets. Franklin D. Roosevelt set up a slide and jungle gym and Caroline Kennedy was seen pushing JFK Jr. on a swing set on the South Lawn. Jimmy Carter's daughter Amy had an awesome treehouse built and the Bush's set up some dope tree swings.
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