Officer sues Wal-Mart for firing him for carrying gun while working as police officer

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A Pennsylvania police officer is suing Wal-Mart after he says he was fired for carrying his police-issued gun while in the store.
While in uniform and on-duty, Michael Zuby said he stopped by the Wal-Mart store where he was employed to grab some lunch.
Zuby, who worked as security at the store, was told by his boss he had to take his gun out of the store.
According to a report from The Times-Tribune,  Zuby was told store employees are never allowed to carry a gun while on the property.
Zuby explained he was required by law to carry the gun while on-duty as an officer.
According to the lawsuit, store managers told the police department not to send Zuby to the store if police were called.
The police chief refused the request.
The lawsuit, which was filed in October, has recently garnered new attention.
Wal-Mart responded by saying it offered Zuby a different job at the same pay rate or to move him to another store outside of the town.

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