People Are Giving Hilarious Excuses As To Why They Can't Attend Trump's Inauguration

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It’s no secret that people aren’t exactly excited for Trump’s inauguration this Friday. So much so that the dude can’t even get a Bruce Springsteen cover band to play a show in Jersey the day he’s getting sworn in.
So when VP-Elect Mike Pence took to Facebook to ask a bunch of people if they wanted an invite to Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration this Friday on Facebook, there were a lot of Trump supporters who welcome the opportunity.
But their comments were seemingly drowned out by the throngs of users who came up with hilarious excuses as to why they wouldn’t be able to attend. Here are some of the best ones.

Here was Pence’s original video Facebook post, which contained a weird infomercial of Trump trying to get people to support him at his inauguration.

“Would you like an invite to the Inaugural Welcome Concert and Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony?

    *President-elect Trump wants to personally invite you to the Inaugural Welcome Concert and Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony*. You will receive a limited edition, commemorative ticket as a keepsake to frame and remember this historic event. CLICK HERE to register for your tickets.”

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