Protesters in Washington D.C. have scaled a crane and are planning to display a banner that reads 'Resist.'

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Protesters with Greenpeace have scaled a crane in downtown D.C. and unfurled a banner in a protest against President Donald Trump.
The demonstration began around 8 a.m. Wednesday when several protesters scaled the crane located on the site of the old 'Washington Post' building at 15th Street and L Street. Greenpeace took responsibility for the protest prior to the unfurling of the 70-foot by 35-foot banner with the word "Resist" printed on it.
The group said the banner is positioned to face the White House which is less than a mile to the south. Our FOX 5 cameras were situated behind the banner when it was opened. Seven protesters in total tethered themselves to and scaled the crane.  
It took several hours for the activists to open the banner. Traffic was delayed near the intersection for much of the morning. No arrests or injuries have been reported at this time. 
In a statement released after the protest began, activist and Greenpeace Inc. Board Chair Karen Topakian said, "People in this country are ready to resist and rise up in ways they have never done before."
"While Trump’s disdain and disrespect for our democratic institutions scare me," Topakian continued, "I am so inspired by the multigenerational movement of progress that is growing in every state. Greenpeace has used nonviolence to resist tyrannical bullies since 1971, and we’re not going to stop now."
Captain Robert Glover of the Metropolitan Police Department told the Associated Press that when officers were called to the area in the morning they found three people who weren't authorized to be at the site attached to the crane.
In a statement released on Twitter, D.C. Police said, "A small group of protesters have engaged in dangerous behavior in downtown Washington, D.C. While we respect everyone's right t protest, today's actions are extremely dangerous and unlawful. Multiple government resources are being tied up, and unfortunately streets are blocked while first responders try to safely address this matter."
Crane Protest
One of the activists posted video online from the top of the crane.

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