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Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly gave press conference where he supported President Donald Trump’s immigration ban executive order.
He stated that it was his “sworn responsibility” to implement President Trump’s immigration ban “professionally, humanely and in accordance with the law.”
He said emphatically that this was not a Muslim ban.
“It is important to understand that there are terrorists and other bad actors who are seeking to infiltrate our homeland every single day,” he continued. “The seven countries named in the executive order are those designated by Congress and the Obama administration as requiring additional security when making decisions about who comes into our homeland.”
Kelly reminded the reporters of a phrase frequently used by his predecessor Jeh Johnson, that “it is easier to play defense on the 50 yard line than it is on the one yard line.”
“By preventing terrorists from entering our country we can stop terrorist attacks from striking the homeland,” he continued. “We cannot gamble with American lives. I will not gamble with American lives.”
Kelly closed by calling the orders “a matter of national security.”
He nails it.
The priority of the President and the DHS Secretary is the protection of American lives.
Evaluation of the process for thee months, given the failure of the prior administration, seems an intelligent thing.
It isn’t a sacrifice of idealism, you can still help refugees without having to sacrifice safety and defense.
The best defense is not to create a problem to begin with, as Kelly realizes.
Thank God, we now have someone who gets it…

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