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Remember the Jan. 25 protest in Portland where anti-Trump anarchists blocked an intersection, stopping buses, cars and the train from proceeding?
Riot police ended up coming at the run and tackling them to the street, while the surrounding disturbed crowd cheered the police.
One of the ‘protesters’ detained was this man, Micah Rhodes, the leader of the group, Portland’s Resistance.
Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 11.48.33 PM
Turns out that Rhodes has an unsavory past.
According to the Daily Caller, Rhodes is facing sexual abuse charges in relation to a sexual relationship with a teen-age boy.
The 23-year-old Rhodes is already a registered sex offender, according to KOIN, and was previously arrested for disorderly conduct in connection with anti-Trump protests after the election.
Rhodes allegedly met the boy on the gay dating app Grindr and was aware that he was a minor, according to the boy, say the police.
There have been many violent protests in Portland after Trump was elected.
Over a hundred people were arrested in the week after the election.
However, KGW TV found that the majority of those arrested did not vote in Oregon in 2016.
Sounds like a great group of ‘protesters’ up there in Portland…

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