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Matthew McConaughey is already a legend for being... Matthew McConaughey.
In an interview with ChannelFi, Matthew McConaughey may have pulled off the impossible: Becoming even more frickin' legendary.
While sitting down for an interview on his new film, appropriately titled “Gold,” the issue of Trump's America came up.
It did not end well for Hollywood haters.
“For quite a lot of this film, I sort of thought 'this is not Trump's America, but small-time, central, redneck America sticking one up to the snotty East Coast elites,' as it were,” the interviewer led in.
“Stickin' it to the man, for sure,” McConaughey said. “I mean, it's an underdog story. This is the guy that nobody bets on. This is like millions of people, if not billions, who get out of bed everyday, and don't have a ticket to the American Dream. That are going to have to hustle their way in the backdoor, the sidedoor, or come down the chimney, and be an entrepreneur, and make it their own way—by hook or by crook.”
Mac was only getting warmed up.
“So, every single American actor or artsy type who comes over to London dumps on Trump. You all completely hate him. Do you think it's time maybe Hollywood and the culture elite in America gave this guy a break?” the interviewer asked.
That's when McConaughey brought the wood.
"Well, they don't have a choice now. He's our president. And, it's very dynamic and as divisive of an Inauguration and time as we've had. At the same time, it's time for us to embrace and shake hands with this fact. And be constructive with him over the next four years.
So anyone, even those who may strongly disagree with his principles or things he's said and done — and that's another thing, we'll see what he does compares to what he has said — no matter how much you even disagreed along the way, it's time to think about how constructive can you be."
Then he added the money line:
“'Cause he's our president for the next four years, at least, the President of the United States.”
Hollywood actors might want to take notes from Matthew McConaughey on how to properly answer a question about the Trump presidency.

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