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Whenever you think of school librarians, you generally don't think of someone who's necessarily an ally. They're always telling you to be quiet, or rolling their eyes at your book selections, or stopping you from shooting dice in the old encyclopedia section.
But at the end of the day it's important to remember that librarians are people and even if they don't seem to have the most exciting jobs on paper, that doesn't mean they aren't capable of some pretty awesome things.
Like Jennifer Lacopelli, a self-proclaimed "Badass Librarian" and writer who used her deductive reasoning and quick-thinking to un-ground a young girl and get her phone back.

She relayed the triumphant tale on Twitter.

Victory of the day, settle in folks: Student comes to the library this morning in tears. She's grounded. Her mom took away her phone.

She says that someone "hacked" her English paper and wrote very inappropriate things in it. When she and her mom sat down to work on it last

night, her mom saw it and FREAKED on her (rightly so IMO). The student is 12 and if my 12yo had written this it would have been DEATH.

However, student INSISTS that she didn't write it. So I go into her Google Doc account and see that the changes were made at 2:16pm.

Student says, "I was on the bus then!" So I pull up the camera security footage we have in the library computer lab for 2:16pm.

There are three boys sitting around a computer, two hovered over another who is typing. I rewind the footage and see Student!

She turns away from her desk at the end of the previous period, monitor times out, she gets up and walks away. 5 minutes later boys sit down

One nudges the mouse and the screen lights up, still on Student's Google doc, which they hover over a for a good 15 minutes typing.

I wait the footage out, see them turn around a few times and screenshot it. Ask one of the library aides. She knows one of them!

Then I check my sign-in records for the period! Three boys about the same age signed in together. Look up their student records and SHOCK!

Actually not shock, because BAM their pictures match the kids in the surveillance footage. All 3 written up, in school suspension.

Student's grounding has been lifted and Mom said that she'll be returning her phone to her when she gets home today!

Lesson: your friendly librarian is better at technology than you, so don't pull crap like that. I will find you and you will pay.

That's how librarians roll.

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