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That sweet, sweet return check is a lifeline many Americans rely on every single year to pay off their bills, buy that shiny new laptop, put that down payment on a car they've had their eye on, or maybe just splurge on themselves and their loved ones for once.
Unfortunately, I've seen people be really, really irresponsible with their return checks. Just head to the mall during tax return season and you'll see people buying all sorts of unnecessary stuff.
But this single mother refused to fall into that trap and instead decided to pay off the rest of her year's rent with her refund check.
She wrote in the now-viral Facebook post:
I got back $5600 on my taxes. Instead of buying my kids the latest Jordans or fancy electronics I paid my rent for the YEAR. I'm a single mom and I do it all buy myself on a minimum wage job. I kno that a roof over my kids head is what's important. My kids don't want for anything because my priorities are straight. And this also means I will have that extra 450 a month to do things with my kids. 
People applauded her practicality and decision to put her kids first.
But that doesn't mean that people didn't have their own comments and better suggestions as to what she should have done with her money.
 Should have put a down payment for a house 
 If you can't pay your rent for year with this. Invest half of it in IRA or in something that you can get a return back. You'll be able to leave your children something other then debt. 
I hate to be an ass.and now a DAYS things that get posted here on Facebook half of it are MAKE UP stories.any one can write them self a rent receipt.so this really don't proof anything.I write my own rent receipts. 
But the post has been shared over 71,000 times, with the majority of people singing Christina's praises.
And although there are some internet financial planners who may have helped her do some more with that money, it's still kind of hard to criticize a mom who gave herself peace of mind by making sure her family's living situation for the next year was completely taken care of. Good for her.

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