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f hypocrisy is the unforgivable sin, politicians are screwed.
Republicans are bad enough, but Democrats are the absolute worst.
The thing with Dems is that they’ll never own up to their mistakes.
For example, Barack Obama wasn’t ever against gay marriage, he just hadn’t yet evolved.
What a crock.
Here’s a video making the rounds featuring former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton basically supporting President Donald Trump’s immigration policies…
A video going around on Facebook has been viewed over 40,000,000 times in just a few days since being released.
The video shows past footage from former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in which they discuss the issue of illegal immigration. If the statements coming from Clinton and Obama sound familiar, well they should. They say a lot of the same things that President Trump is saying.
The MSM will never look into this.
Doesn’t fit the agenda.
It’s history.
Too much of history is in the past for the left to care.

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