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With no solution to the food crisis in Venezuela, some people have begun looking for new strategies to make life easier on those that have to eat trash to sustain.
Controversial Priest and opponent to President Nicol├ís Maduro’s administration Father Jose Palmar posted on social media this week about labeling discarded waste so those looking through it for food can do so more easily and “with dignity.”
Palmar called on Venezuelans to celebrate Lent by identifying bags where food has been discarded for those with no where else to turn. That way, they don’t have to dig through non-edible items to find it. 
“Try to preserve food waste so that people who eat out of garbage cans can praise the Lord,” Palmar wrote.
The priest also recommended that people not mix leftovers with other garbage. Instead, deposit the waste in one bag, tie it and write “food” on the outside.
Since last year, several independent research organizations have said the number of people turning to garbage as a source of food has and continues to increase.
In September, social media in Venezuela was blew up after a video revealed the stark reality the country faces with food: desperate children, young people and adults rummaging in the garbage to eat.
The political crisis in Venezuela, food shortages and the decrease of Venezuelan’s purchasing power has reportedly caused more than 70 percent of its population to suffer weight loss, pushing many to eat out from the garbage left on the streets.
According to the National Survey of Living Conditions (Encovi), 3.9 percent of the population has been affected by malnutrition, while 9.6 million Venezuelans can only eat twice a day.

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