A Brief Compendium of the Most Excellent Walls (27 Pics)

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At the Ettore Guatelli Museum in Parma, Italy.
A wonderful mood board at the Transistor Studios media company via Improvised life.

The Flower House in Detroit, a unique project that saw the walls and ceilings of an old dilapidated house filled with up to 100,000 flowers and living plants.

The most colourful house in Texas, belonging to the Sheila Youngblood who is also the woman behind this ultimate gypsy wonderland motel.

The Temples of Humankind, dug by hand in complete secrecy in the 1970s under the direction of Oberto Airaudi, a philospher and artist who claimed to have had visions of ancient temples at age 10 from a previous life. Nothing like these Hidden Temples exist outside of the Films of Indiana Jones.

An abandoned barber shop in a buried “daytime hotel” rediscovered in all its art nouveau splendour.

The porcelain room at the Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Spain

The porcelain cabinet at the Schlossmuseum (Palace Museum) Germany via here.

Actress / singer Dinah Shore with her paintings in a photo shoot for the LIFE Archives in the 1960s.

Vintage swimsuits in frames at the Navy Beach restaurant in Montauk via here.

A wonderful display of Jordey Hurley’s work, which is all available to buy on Etsy. Make sure to check out the cargo ship prints.

They call Calke Abbey the “un-stately” home– rooms filled with animal heads kept in dusty glass cases, fading furnishings, cobwebs and walls of peeling paintwork.
Villa Torrigiani
Inside the shed of the Antlerman.

Library of Chateau de Groussay in France via Architectural Digest

Photo by Brett Rubin via Elle Decor South Africa

A most eccentric home in Brooklyn New York, known as “The House of Collection”.
Charleston House living room, the world’s only “complete Bloomsbury Interior”.

Picasso Drew all Over the Walls of this French Chateau (which is currently for sale).

Lisbon’s most curious collector’s bar.

A restaurant of a thousand bones in Mexico.

The Crest Westwood, Los Angeles, CA. Sneak into some of California’s most beautiful Art Deco cinemas here.

An amazing technicolor castle abandoned for 20 years in Italy.

Goess Apartment, a jewel of the Schonbrunn Palace and Park in Vienna. I can take you on a quick tour here.

 Jayne Mansfield’s pink pamper powder room.

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