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In June 11, 2002 the House of Representatives of the U.S voted the resolution H.RES.269 acknowledging that the real inventor of the telephone is Antonio Meucci; not A.G.Bell as stated in the mainstream records. Meucci’s invention was called the “teletrofono” and had been demonstrated in 1860, then filed for patent in 1871. But the Italian inventor, living on public assistance, was not able to pursue the patenting process because he could not pay the 10 Dollars fee. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell, who had been conducting experiments in the same laboratory where Meucci’s materials were stored, was granted a patent and credited as the formal inventor of the telephone.
In 1887 though, the government of the U.S moved to annul Bell’s patent on the grounds of fraud and misinterpretation. But the case was discontinued without ever reaching a conclusion. The resolution of the U.S Congress in 2002 was a historic settlement that corrects one of the major scientific injustices in the history of the mankind.
Hereafter the text of the resolution.

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