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They might share a border and have the same name, but that's about all that North and South Korea have in common anymore. While the communist North Korea is a terribly oppressive regime that is home to many starving and abused citizens, the capitalist South Korea is the picture of vibrancy and happiness. German photographer Dieter Leistner, who has traveled around both countries, has done great work capturing everyday life in both countries... and the differences are even more drastic than you might expect.

1. The outdated subway in Pyongyang, North Korea

2. The modern subway in Seoul, South Korea

3. Women crossing the road in North Korea

4. Women walking down the street in South Korea

5. The Okryu restaurant in North Korea

6. The Cafe Sunset in South Korea

7. Students take a language course in the Grand People's Study House in Pyongyang

8. Students use computers at Daelim University in South Korea

9. Two people talk outside a building in North Korea

10. Two people talk on the rooftop of a building in South Korea

11. Fields lie barren for miles in a county outside of Pyongyang

12. Cars drive on a road leading out of Seoul

13. Commuters wait at a bus stop in Pyongyang

14. Commuters wait at a bus stop in Seoul

15. A policewoman stands in the center of the street to direct traffic in North Korea's empty streets

16. A woman sells hats in the busy streets of South Korea

17. A photograph of the Geumsusan Palace symbolizes how closed the culture of North Korea is

18. A statue of admiral Yi Sun-sin is a welcome and familiar sight to everyone in Seoul

19. A man pushes a cart past an old North Korean building

20. A woman pushes a cart in a bustling town in South Korea

21. A statue of Kim Il Sung stands next to a Soviet-style monument in North Korea

22. A group of people pose in front of a statue of King Sejong in South Korea

For two countries that once existed as a single nation, it's amazing how much has changed culturally since their divide. 
You can get the photographer's book, Korea-Korea, which showcases these photos, here!

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