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This person found a safe hidden in their home closet. Have a look at what they uncovered inside.

The closet. Not the first place you'd look if you were thinking "buried treasure."

Inside the closet was similarly unassuming. The rug was dirty, and it was this dirty rug that actually set the events in motion.

Under the rug, though, was a strange, round cap.

Below the cap was the opening of a safe that was seemingly forgotten. The combination was lost to the ages, and so the next task became figuring out how to open it.

Tim, the locksmith, came to the rescue after many failed attempts at unlocking the safe. Though the closet was cramped, Tim worked diligently.

The lock was finally removed, and the safe could be opened.

The dramatic reveal.

What appeared to be a pile of bricks turned out to be boxes.

The safe was full of boxes and rolls of coins.

They began unloading the safe, pulling out more and more coins and bills.

Even more!

Despite its small opening, the safe held quite a bit.
Unfortunately, a lot of the money inside the safe suffered from water damage due to a pipe breaking in the house some years prior.

The moisture in the safe damaged the covers, but the coins inside were protected.

...as well as silver bars.

 Under the money collection was a rusty tool chest full of watches and jewelry.

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